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What you will do
Publish promo codes or product links from time to time. They help the brand find out through whom the buyer came and whom they must pay.
Do you run your own book review channel? A link to Litres will fit well into it. Have a podcast or a video blog? In Admitad, you will find your favorite brand and help it grow.
Where will you get links and promo codes?
Chrome extension
Generates links and finds coupons. Allows to connect to programs in two clicks.
Telegram bot
Generates links. Several links at once if needed.
Admitad personal account
Access to affiliate links, exclusive promo codes, banners, and statistics.
Nakisha Wilson
... It’s great working with you guys. I like that you are user-friendly and immediately figure out how to apply and the reporting function is easy, deep linking features are pretty easy. The website is pretty easy to navigate.
I definitely want to continue working with you and I just hope you extend, get more companies in my market.
...Well, I have been working with Admitad since 2017, and I like it. Perhaps, the only thing I love more from other networks is the commission rates.
...I am fine with Admitad; I have been promoting your programs for three years and I am glad to do so.
Mariano Cordoba
Traffic Purchase, Google Ads
..The major reason for working with Admitad is the payout structure which according to us is the best in the industry.
...The payout overall that you guys provide in major campaigns is commendable. We are also working with direct clients, but we get better payouts with Admitad.
Chevron Medi
Brands for collaboration
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